The English Sweating Sickness

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Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales In doing some research on Mary Boleyn for an article, I learned that Mary’s first husband William Carey died of the “sweating sickness” or the “English Sweate” in England in the summer of 1528. Thought I would look into this deadly and quick…

Why Doesn’t Henry VIII Have a Tomb and Where is He Buried?

Henry VIII died on the 28th January 1547. The son of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII, he is known to be one of the greatest and influential rulers England has ever had.  So why doesn’t he have an impressive tomb like his daughter Elizabeth? In his will, Henry wanted to be buried with Jane…

Classic Literature: A Must Read!

This July Pages Unbound is celebrating classic literature with a collection of guest posts. Today Briana shares five reasons you should read literature from one of her favorite time periods: the Middle Ages. (That’s roughly 1100-1500 in England.)

Medieval Monday: The Peasant Home

It’s Tuesday, so I’m a day behind, but hopefully the adage “better late than never” applies and this post is worth waiting an extra day! When we think of medieval building c… Source: Medieval Monday: The Peasant Home

The Secrets of Medieval Fonts

One of the fundamental things in a medieval book is letters – those symbols that fill up page after page and that make up meaning. Each one of us human beings writes differently and considering tha… Source: The Secrets of Medieval Fonts

Medieval Monday: Bathing

It is pretty commonly known that medieval times would have been full of unpleasant smells, including but not limited to body odor. There are some historical accounts of people bathing only once or … Source: Medieval Monday: Bathing

Exhibition: Love Bites – Caricatures by James Gillray

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To mark 200 years since satirist James Gillray’s death, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is currently holding an exhibition in his honour. During his lifetime he created over 1000 prints, and here on display is a group of 60 examples ostensibly held together by heartstrings – they explore the artist’s often…

Strange Laws of Old England

After reading Nigel Cawthorne’s The Strange Laws of Old England, I decided to share a few with you guys as i found profoundly most of it shocking and extremely interesting! It makes for an excellent read, so ill had it to my book list so you can find it on the internet. I find it amazing…

Beauty, Sex & Power at the Restoration Court

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… Or, what not to read on a packed bus. I don’t often harp on here about things written recently (or, you know, since the Crimean War), but I SO enjoyed this romp of a book that I thought I’d give a little sneak peek at it. It was…