Virtual Tudors (with bad teeth) Revealed

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Swansea University researchers in the College of Engineering have been contributing to the digital presentation of life aboard Henry VIII’s doomed flagship the Mary Rose, including a 3D scan of the skull of a carpenter with a nasty mouth abscess and head wound above his eyebrow. The website has public and research pages,…

Prologue viii

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How big did Henry get?

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The King, being lusty, young and courageous, greatly delighted in feats of chivalry – Edward Hall, The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Families of Lancaster and Yorke On thinking of Henry VIII, the first image that will spring to mind for many people is that of a large, round and…

Skirret: the forgotten Tudor vegetable

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The sweetest, whitest and most pleasant of roots, – John Worlidge, The Art of Gardening. Having been forgotten for centuries, the sweet root vegetable which was beloved by many Tudor diners only recently returned to Hampton Court Palace. The skirret was everything that we love in a vegetable: tasty, unfussy when…